The studio have luxurious amenities will have you feeling pampered and primed for success! We thought of everything, so you don’t have to!

Welcome to Row & Ride

Voted Best Fitness Facility, South Shore by Boston Magazine, we’ve got the Best Indoor Rowing & Cycling classes near Hanover, Norwell, Pembroke, Marshfield, Rockland, Duxbury, Hingham, Scituate, Cohasset, Kingston, Weymouth, and surrounding areas! Row & Ride’s 3200 square foot premier, boutique studio has impeccable cleanliness, an upbeat, infectious vibe and a multi-sensory, results driven workout for all levels.



Our proven Row, Ride, and Reps model has transformed thousands of lives. We encourage you to try all three class types for best results!  This is the most exhilarating strength and cardio workout you’ll ever do!

Row & Ride
This is our signature workout, designed for all fitness levels. A complete full body workout that includes both rowing & riding, set to amazing playlists, and motivating, feel good vibes!
Our high energy, beat-driven Ride is 45 minutes of pure motivation, inspiration and sweaty fun. Pumping playlists and choreography lead the way to an intense, cardio high, transforming the way you look and feel.
Row & Reps
Let the music drive you to break out your inner athlete in this empowering, full body rowing and weight training workout. All fitness levels will burn hundreds of calories and unleash that inner warrior.

“I am hooked! I was so nervous at first, but the crew is so supportive! I’m now in the best shape of my life and feel absolutely amazing!”
Nancy S.-Scituate

“How is it possible to love getting my butt kicked?! This is so much fun and so rewarding!”
Rob V.-Hanover

Why Row?

It’s highly effective! The benefits of rowing from weight loss to muscle toning will blow you away! Safe for all levels, easy on the knees and joints, rowing will give you rock hard abs and solid glutes, working almost every muscle in your body!

Why Ride?

First off, it’s crazy fun! Secondly, your cardiovascular health and body composition will completely change. Not to mention your mental health! Get in your zone, listen to great music and feel those positive endorphins start flowing, while torching hundreds of calories and burning fat!

Why Reps?

It’s a muscle and mood booster! Weight lifting is crucial for muscle strength and bone density – and also for overall wellness – like improved posture, boosting metabolism, weight loss and better sleep.

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All Row & Ride Classes are held inside our WaveCave

The WaveCave is the start of new beginnings. It’s your space to let go of daily stressors.

Clip in, strap in and go from living life to loving life.

A powerful mind & body transformation happens here……

What happens in the WaveCave doesn’t stay in the WaveCave, it’s stays with YOU…forever.

Row and Ride No Fear No Limits Tagline

Boathouse Nutrition

Our nutrition bar is kind of like your after party!
Grab a delicious protein shake and energizing iced
tea after class, whether it be your sunrise or
sunset meal replacement!

"Having my protein shake and yummy iced tea ready after class was such a refreshing treat that satisfied my hunger for hours!"

"I went from this crazy fun, yet intense workout to the scent of the islands in the lobby where I picked up my Power Tea after class! I literally felt euphoric when I left!”

Row and Ride Application on a Phone

Download our 2 apps to get started!

Row & Ride app

Get the Row & Ride app for easy class scheduling and updates, like theme classes, waitlist notifications, special pop up events and other shenanigans. 

Boathouse Nutrition app

Get the Engage app to order your Boathouse shakes and teas to be ready for you after class!

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