First timers




1 ROW & RIDE 101 Learn the Basics Class

*from our Boat House Nutrition Bar

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Then choose your first class!

*We encourage signing up for our 101 class first


All classes are for all levels. Whether you are new to our concept or have done rowing and/or riding before, we are here to guide you towards safety and success! You can sign up online, but it’s most convenient to download our Row & Ride app for either iOS or Android!

Get ready! Get set! Let’s do this!

A shelf with several different cups and bottles.

Bring water

We have a filtered fountain for refills OR we sell Fiji water at the front desk for $4.

Two women are tying their shoes in a gym.

Grab shoes

Bring SPD spin shoes for our Ride OR you can rent shoes at the front desk for $4.

A woman standing in front of a tv with her arms up.

Dress right

Wear comfy layered workout clothes and sneakers or spin shoes. Our studio feels cool before we bring on the “burn.”

Arrive at our beautiful studio!

Get ready to have a blast!
A woman is standing in front of a counter.

Arrive early

We have key lockers, coat hooks and cubbies to put away your items.

A woman sitting at the counter of a restaurant.

Check in

Let us know you’re here. Ask questions. Our friendly staff is here to help!

A gym with two dumbbells and a bench

Find your pace

Go at your own pace! We want you to be safe and improve with each class, at YOUR speed. Trust us, we’ll get you there!

Rest & Recover

Candles are lit on the ground in front of a power of mind sign.

Stretch & Restore

Your butt may hurt from the saddle. Don’t worry, that goes away after a few classes! Rest and stretch to prevent full body soreness, this is normal.
A cup of coffee and a jar with many colored straws.


Drink plenty of water during and after class. Visit us at the Boat House in our lobby for healthy eats and drinks on the go!

A woman in the mirror of a bathroom drying her hair.


We have two beautiful showers and a blow dry bar with all the amenities you need to feel refreshed and revived!

Become part of the community

You did it! You crushed your first R&R week!

Two people are posing for a picture in front of a yellow wall.

Consistency = Results

Lose weight. Lose stress.
Gain muscle. Gain happiness.
Welcome to the R & R family!​

Read our Frequently Asked Questions to help you feel comfortable and confident.