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Kerry has left the TV news studio to open Row & Ride studios!

A former Boston News Anchor and All-American lacrosse and field hockey player, Kerry takes her fitness seriously. Both rowing and cycling certified, Kerry’s high energy classes are a great combination of intensity, great music, videos and lots of laughs!

A crazy, animal lover, Kerry still has her hand in TV production, producing her online series, “The Animal Couch” right out of Hanover’s Row & Ride studios!

A little more about Kerry!

What’s your favorite workout meal? A Sun Warrior protein smoothie with spinach, fresh ginger, maca, spirulina, cinnamon, turmeric, frozen fruit, flax oil and almond or coconut milk. Yum! I also start my day with a shot of Himalayan pink salt, lime juice and apple cider vinegar! Not so yum!!

What’s a secret we don’t know about you? I love to prank people, I’m a huge germ freak and I hate being sick so much that I have a remedy for everything! For example, Zicam and Sambucol for colds and to avoid the stomach bug, Grape Juice!!

What’s your dream job besides owning R & R? Hosting a nationally syndicated pet show!

What’s your favorite quote? “Momma, how did you get into the tv? Did you use a ladder?”