What is the WaveCave?

All Row & Ride classes take place inside our WaveCave…led by knowledgeable, supportive instructors. It’s here where our Row, Ride & Reps model brings proven results for all levels, from beginners to beasts.

All you need is heart.

As you enter the WaveCave, motivating music pumps overhead with an atmosphere that is dark, intense, inviting, and electric. It’s “game on” as you discover your inner strength, the person you desire to be. You have all the tools, and now you have the
space, the support, and the vibe of victory.

Get ready for a magical mind and body transformation. Clip in, strap in and go from living life to loving life…a magical mind and body transformation.

And remember, what happens in WaveCave doesn’t stay in the WaveCave…

It stays with YOU…forever!

Hanover Row Ride Wave Cave Classes

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