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Get ready to let it rip! This one hour class is divided into two half hours!

This one hour blast of a class is R & R’s signature class! It is truly one unique experience that will blow you away! First, hop on the erg in our dimly lit Row studio, crank up the tunes and get ready to work 12 different muscle groups while rowing to the beat of the music! Then, switch gears and head on over to our Ride studio where your instructor will be ready with an  innovative playlist, music videos, hills, sprints and more, all as you ride to the beat! You’ll even use hand weights to sculpt and tone your arms, shoulders, chest and back. This class is an incredible calorie torching, muscle toning workout with multi sensory experiences that are mesmerizing and addicting!


This 50 minute class combines rowing intervals and strength conditioning with weights, helping burn up to 800 calories and sculpt 12 different muscle groups.

This high energy class will completely transform your body in a motivating, team oriented and supportive environment. Enjoy great music, lights and visuals that will take your fitness experience to new heights! Rowing is low impact and safe for everyone.


This 50 minute Ride proves that exercise CAN be fun!

Get ready to experience a high energy, crazy fun, yet intense cardio ride to the beat, then break out the hand weights on the bike and work those arms, shoulders, chest and back. Stadium style seating, comfortable room temp,, music videos, colored lights, inspirational instructors and a party atmosphere, make the R & R Ride like none other!


Enjoy all the benefits of our Ride class condensed into 30 minutes!

If you’re in a rush and on the go, this class is for you! It’s shorter, faster, yet just as intense and just as fun!! Get in, get out and get your R&R in 30!

*A great class for new members looking to build cardio endurance.


This 50 minute heart pumping, exhilarating class will have you on and off the bike,

riding to the beat and then sculpting with weights, to the sights and sounds of great artists!  You will absolutely LOVE this one of a kind class!!


Start your hour of power with 30 minutes in a high-energy, heart pumping blast of a Ride!

Then head on over to the Barre! No, not for cold beverages, but for beefing up those individual muscles!! Get ripped & toned when you “Ride to the Barre!”


Get it in gear with a 30 minute, high-energy, heart pumping, crazy fun Ride to the beat!

Then switch gears and spend 30 minutes strengthening your stomach and back muscles! A strong core, a stronger YOU! Get everything you need in this class to feel AMAZING!!


With the soothing smell of lavender abound, get ready to stretch your limbs and de-stress your soul!

This 30 minute yoga practice is simply about stretching tight muscles and relaxing every part of your body and mind. You will truly be AMAZED at how good you feel after just 30 minutes! R&R 30 also helps prevent injuries, while increasing performance. You HAVE to try it! Give your body and mind this special treat!


Come learn the basics!

Let us help you feel comfortable & confident as you embark on this exciting, new fitness experience! See how Rowing & Riding can help you burn up to 1200 calories in just one class, while working over 12 muscle groups! *This class is included with first purchase.