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Youth Classes, Camps & Sports Teams

At R & R, we make exercise FUN! Kids love our top notch technology!

A killer sound system playing their favorite tunes, colored lights, a larger than life projection screen featuring music videos and sports highlights. We teach rowing & riding fundamentals, giving kids an exercise experience like never before! From beginners to advanced athletes from local sports teams, rowing & riding are lifelong exercises that will challenge young bodies and encourage sharp and happy minds!


Stay tuned for our upcoming Youth Clinics and Camps.

Sports teams: call our studio to schedule YOUR team’s next killer workout!

Did You Know?

  • Rowing & Riding are two of the BEST forms of fitness for boys and girls! These fun, high-energy exercises give kids a full body workout, providing aerobic conditioning and strength training all in one!
  • Rowing & Riding are both impact free exercises, so the risk of impact style injuries is eliminated.
  • Rowing has become a major sport at colleges and universities, making scholarships even more hotly contested!
  • Rowing on a crew team in high school or college, or for recreation, demonstrates the ultimate in teamwork, camaraderie and commitment, as EVERY member of the team is a star, rowing together as a single unit! Talk about friendships for life!

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for you and your friends OR for your local sports team!


I brought my daughters softball team for a group activity. Not only did it give the team a chance to bond, it also served as a fun way to get in shape for the upcoming season.