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Paul,  “The MaddBiker” , is a certified Ride Instructor and is truly a mad man on that bike!

His classic tunes and hard core, yet friendly and supportive style is just what you need to bring you to the edge of your seat! Paul will blow you away with his rock tunes and amazing energy, all while getting a killer workout you won’t forget!

A little more about Paul!

What is your favorite class format to teach at R&R?: My favorite format is one that Kicks it up a notch, Strong , sometimes “Angry” music that has your heart rate moving even before we get warmed up! With a good mix of classic Rock and Roll music blended with an eclectic mix of all the years gone by!

Dream vacation spot: My dream vacation spot is anywhere with my wife and best friend , Suzy!

What do you eat before class? A half of a banana and toast with peanut butter is my go to before we wail the crap out of it!

Fun fact about you! I’m a meat cutter and Manager.…? In the retail business over 44 years… and Both of my knees have been replaced! If I can do this, anyone can!!

What is your all time favorite workout song? Molossus, From the Batman movies… It lends itself to many options!!

What is your favorite drink? I like a nice Margarita! A cold Shock Top, and A smooth white Russian if we are talking Adult beverage. I drink G2 lemon lime in my classes and I have a new concoction, Fresca with Light cran – grape juice.