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Kristine is a certified rowing instructor and group fitness instructor specializing in core strength.

Her rowing classes are specially designed for all fitness levels! Her goal is to develop strength in multiple muscle groups, while simultaneously challenging your core! Kristine’s music rocks the row room and her supportive coaching style makes you feel you can accomplish anything! Row and sculpt with Kristine and change your body like never before!

A little more about Kristine!

What is your favorite class format to teach at R&R? Row & Reps

Where is your dream vacation spot? Greek Islands

What do you eat before class? For early morning classes it’s breakfast, organic berries with gluten-free/sugar-free cereal and vegan protein powder mixed with water for the “milk”. Later in the day it’s either a Nick’s Sticks turkey or beef stick, Tanka Bar or RX Bar.

Fun fact about you: I can’t wink but I find it oddly easy to imitate Billy Idol’s lip curl.

Favorite Movie: The Outsiders “Do it for Johnny!”

What is your dream job? I have it! Helping people do things they never thought possible is unbelievably rewarding!!

What is your all time favorite workout song? Anything Pitbull all day long!

What is your favorite drink? Martin