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Kate is a certified rowing and cycling instructor…and her classes are addicting!

When the Row and/or Ride studio door closes behind you, Kate’s inner beast takes center stage, pushing you beyond your limits, in a safe, supportive and structured environment. Kate carefully plans each and every workout, giving you the best in R & R cardio and strength conditioning, all while listening to high-energy tunes from every genres! R & R members leave Kate’s classes sweaty and red-faced, saying “Never again, I’m dying! Sign me up for her next class!” Join Kate and see for yourself why “no pain, no gain”, becomes your favorite mantra!

A little more about Katelyn!

What is the animal in you? Sloth. Just kidding. Definitely Grizzly Bear!

What’s your favorite movie? The Full Monty or The Never Ending Story, it’s a toss up!

What’s your all time favorite workout song? All Night Longer: Sammy Adams

Katelyn instructs the following


This 50 minute ride combines high intensity intervals and endurance pieces led by top notch instructors. Their motivational playlists and individual styles will be just what you need to get you over those hills and help you reach your personal goals. Feel the music, clear your mind, challenge your body! Beginners welcome…and encouraged to ride at your own pace! *Some classes will feature themed rides, hand weights for upper body work, and video “getaways” like a tour through France’s wine country!

Row & Reps

This 50 minute class combines rowing intervals and strength conditioning with weights that will help you burn calories and sculpt muscle. This high energy class will completely transform your body in a motivating, team oriented and supportive environment. Enjoy great music, lights and visuals that will take your fitness experience to new heights!

Ride & Core

Get it in gear with a 30 minute high energy, heart-pumping Ride! Then switch gears and spend 30 minutes strengthening your stomach and back muscles! A strong core, a stronger YOU! Get everything you need in this class to feel AMAZING!!

Row & Ride

Get ready to let it rip! This one hour class is divided into two half hours! First, enjoy a high interval, sweat induced row …cardio and strength conditioning all in one! Then switch gears and head on over to the ride studio for the second half hour…take your body and mind on a journey bound to make you work from your head to your toes!


Get ready to Rowtate in this high-intensity, fast paced challenge! Start with calorie torching intervals on the erg..then Rowtate to sculpting and strengthening stations, sure to get you ripped!! Anyone can do this, as you will target every muscle group in a fun, motivating, and team oriented environment!

R&R 360

Keep your body and mind guessing as you challenge yourself in Rowing, Riding & Strength Training! For those of you who love Rowtate, you will be thrilled with the benefits of R & R 360!