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Kate is a certified rowing and cycling instructor…and her classes are addicting!

When the Row and/or Ride studio door closes behind you, Kate’s inner beast takes center stage, pushing you beyond your limits, in a safe, supportive and structured environment. Kate carefully plans each and every workout, giving you the best in R & R cardio and strength conditioning, all while listening to high-energy tunes from every genres! R & R members leave Kate’s classes sweaty and red-faced, saying “Never again, I’m dying! Sign me up for her next class!” Join Kate and see for yourself why “no pain, no gain”, becomes your favorite mantra!

A little more about Katelyn!

What is the animal in you? Sloth. Just kidding. Definitely Grizzly Bear!

What’s your favorite movie? The Full Monty or The Never Ending Story, it’s a toss up!

What’s your all time favorite workout song? All Night Longer: Sammy Adams