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Do you have a special charity you’d like to support? Let us help you raise money for the cause you’re passionate about.

Sign up for a high-energy, uplifting, blast of a class at R & R for your friends and supporters!

The studio charges a nominal fee of $100, which will include your R & R instructor, front desk staff to check in your guests, lockers, showers, filtered water system, towels, coffee, party set up and all daily R & R amenities. You round up the participants and charge whatever you’d like (usually between $25-$50 per person). You collect the money either at the door or prior to the event. If you would like us to promote your event within our studio and in our social media platforms, we’d be more than happy to do so!

*8 x 10 projector available for collage of memorable photos that can be combined with music, for a powerful and emotional display during class!

Come RIDE for today, and fight for tomorROW!!

Email us at

to schedule a truly incredible night to support your cause!


We had such a blast at ROW & RIDE. The staff was fantastic and eager to help maker sure our event was successful! Thank you Kerry and the wonderful crew!
Jane D.
Having our fundraiser event at ROW & RIDE was better than I could have imagined. Everything went very smooth and everyone had a great time. I HIGHLY recommend considering Row & Ride for your next big event!