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Colleen is a marathon runner turned Barre instructor!

After suffering a running injury, Colleen decided to become Barre certified to help others with their flexibility and strength training.

With a strong foundation in anatomy, injury modification and proper alignment, Colleen is excited to share her knowledge and give R & R members a fine tuned, athletic style, Barre workout!

 Turn up the volume and meet Colleen at the R & R Barre!!

A little more about Colleen!

What is your favorite drink? Mojito

What’s a secret we don’t know about you? I’m a big time car person!

What’s the animal in you? Flamingo

What is your all time favorite workout song? Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars

Colleen instructs the following


We’ve combined two incredible workouts into one full hour of fun! Start with either 30 minutes of Rowing (Barre & Row) or 30 minutes of Riding (Barre & Ride) for some high energy, calorie torching cardio and strength conditioning. Then, head to the Barre for 30 minutes of balance, mobility, flexibility and toning!