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Meet Kate “Cip” Cipolletti! Cip is a former defensive leader on the Boston University Women’s Lacrosse team and a top lacrosse coach in the UK!!

Cip is a Duxbury native and is the owner of Emmy’s Barking Lot in Hanover! She’s an athlete, an animal lover and a wild woman on the bike and the erg! Her music and style is intense, but an absolute blast!!!
There is no doubt you will become addicted to Cip’s Ride & Reps and Row & Reps classes!

A little more about Cip!

What is your favorite class to teach? Row & Reps! It’s a killer workout, with plenty of time to groove!

What do you eat before class? White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Clif bar.

What is a fun fact about you? I am one of TEN kids! Lucky #7.

Favorite Workout Song: My pump up song for lacrosse at BU was “All These Things That I’ve Done” by The Killers

What’s the animal in you? Something goofy and ridiculous, but fierce. Probably a male lion with that huge mane!

What is your favorite drink? This weekend, Jack & Ginger, but next weekend, it may change!