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Ann is a former collegiate rower on the Notre Dame crew team…

Ann’s big smile and charisma is just what you need to greet you for your early morning Row & Reps class! Let Ann wake you up and start your day just right, with her Rise n Shine, heart-pumping, high energy, Row & Reps class! You will never regret avoiding the snooze button, when you complete Ann’s class! Ann’s knowledge of rowing and precise tips will help you reach your maximum performance on the erg, all while having a blast! Start your day with energy, clarity and positivity! Start your day, with Ann!!

A little more about Ann!

If you had a dream job besides R & R, what would it be? Product Inventor…but maybe an ice cream taste tester too!

What is your favorite food? My mom’s’s an Irish thing, but they are the BEST!

What is your favorite quote? “When you feel like quitting, think about why you started!”

What’s a secret we don’t know about you? I love to travel and New Zealand is next on my bucket list!

Ann Mulligan instructs the following

Row & Reps

This 50 minute class combines rowing intervals and strength conditioning with weights that will help you burn calories and sculpt muscle. This high energy class will completely transform your body in a motivating, team oriented and supportive environment. Enjoy great music, lights and visuals that will take your fitness experience to new heights!

Row & Ride

Get ready to let it rip! This one hour class is divided into two half hours! First, enjoy a high interval, sweat induced row …cardio and strength conditioning all in one! Then switch gears and head on over to the ride studio for the second half hour…take your body and mind on a journey bound to make you work from your head to your toes!